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Julie Horner & Shannon Weir
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Guiding Children’s Behavior

At ABC, we know that conflict is a natural part of learning to get along. But we also know that children need help in learning to express their own wishes and listening to those of others. We encourage children to “use their words” to work out conflicts. We support them when they express their feelings and desires. In this way, children learn important social skills and how to handle themselves appropriately in a variety of situations. It is our job to help in this process. When a child’s wishes conflict with school rules for safety and respect, a teacher will give clear warnings and follow up with logical consequences. Often, this involves removing the child from one situation to a less stimulating area, where he or she can redirect their energy. Our goal is to help the child develop self-control without damaging self-esteem.

Come Grow with Us

We invite you to ask questions so that you feel fully informed about our preschool program. The school has an open-door policy for parents, and we always welcome them to participate in the school.

We hope you will become part of our community here at ABC. We have created a program that develops a LOVE of LEARNING by reaching out to each child’s unique interests and introducing new experiences. Here, they are building a foundation of skills they will use throughout their school years and the rest of their lives. At ABC we make the learning real, relevant and memorable.