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Julie Horner & Shannon Weir
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We are fortunate to have an accomplished artist share her knowledge of various mediums with us. She introduces us to the possibilities of clay, paint and wire. Once we are all comfortable with the medium, we continue to work with these daily at our school. Sometimes the children bring us their own creative ideas, and if we aren’t clear about how to bring them to life, the children say "Let's call Elizabeth; she'll know what to do!"


Healthy food not only helps kids stay healthy, it helps them learn. We include food in our program in several ways, whether it’s learning to set and clear the table, trying new foods or enjoy the social aspects of a shared meal. We also incorporate gardening and cooking in our curriculum.

Our meals and snacks are served at consistent times each day and follow the USDA guidelines for young children. We belong to a community supported agriculture which allows us to visit the farm and collect our weekly share. Our share consists of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also have a milk man deliver fresh organic milk. Please let us know if your child has any dietary restrictions and together we will work out a plan to accomodate them.

Celebrating Birthdays & Last Days

We celebrate children’s birthdays, making a special crown and honoring them at group time. Parents may also bring a birthday treat to share at school that day. Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to do this.

We also celebrate each child’s last day in somewhat the same way. We create a special farewell project that includes photos of the child’s friends and experiences at our school. Some families provide a treat and/or a gift to the school that day as well.

Rest and Rejuvenate

We believe that all children need quiet time after a busy preschool morning. As children finish lunch and use the restroom, quiet music plays, the lights are dimmed and children are encouraged to choose a book to look at on their bed. Some children look on as teachers read books they've chosen. When all are finished, and book time is over, teachers help children fix their blankets and settle in for their rest. Children that stay awake continue to look at their books or listen to story tapes.