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Julie Horner & Shannon Weir
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Looking for care for your infant
or toddler?

Our sister school, Ashley's Baby Care,
is specifically designed for babies and young toddlers!

We are projecting zero openings in our preschool for the school year beginning September 2019. We will therefore not be holding any tours this winter 2018.


A Place to Play
A Place to Learn
A Place to Remember

We encourage you to remember your childhood. What are your fondest childhood memories? We believe those experiences formed much of who you are today. We have created a school, grounded in the best of early childhood development theory and our own experience, where children learn through play. We hope your child will join us for enriching days that turn into happy, meaningful memories.

Our school is our philosophy. We have carefully constructed our program, using elements of what we’ve learned while working with children for many years. We have also studied child development, poring over many theories from around the world. These are some of the primary schools of thought that have influenced our methods:

Full Day

We have purposefully created a full day preschool program for one reason – the children. Young children, by nature, find transitions difficult. Children today live in a rushed generation; a time when things are fast, convenient and scheduled. We know that a full day allows us to give children the gift of TIME. TIME to build a huge spaceship with blocks all morning, TIME to listen to lots of stories, TIME to plant hundreds of bulbs, TIME to explore the world, investigate our environment and engage with their friends. TIME to enjoy each other and the world around us. Fewer transitions and large blocks of TIME to explore create the natural flow to our day which children understand and rely on.

Mixed Age

We designed our program to be mixed age because children mature developmentally rather than chronologically. Our mixed age program honors each child's growth whether they are a two year old who can easily work a thirty piece puzzle or a four year old who is working on potty training. We strive to create a program that is unique to each child. We observe the children's growth and match our experiences and expectations to their developmental level. We believe children can learn from each other in a unique and beneficial way. Children learn by example and provide examples; they learn to care for and help each other.

At ABC, we believe children learn through play. We keep children excited and curious about learning by offering a wide selection of activities. We continually observe and listen to the children, changing materials as their interests and skill levels change. Through play, children develop skills they’ll use throughout their lives. By focusing on childhood experiences that will last a lifetime, we are forming the foundation for an enduring LOVE of LEARNING.